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When choosing whether to have a commercial building remodel project done or tear down an existing building to rebuild, there are a number of factors involved. Though one option may cost more than the other and remodeling or construction times can be a factor, one thing is for certain: It’s important to use the right company for commercial remodeling in Shreveport, LA.

How do you know which company to trust and what to look for in a commercial remodeling company? Let’s discuss some factors involved in the process so that you can choose the best company for commercial general contractor services in Shreveport.

Tear Down Versus Remodeling

The first important decision to make when choosing an option for your commercial business is deciding whether to tear down an existing building versus remodel it. A tear-down and rebuild generally costs more money and takes more time to accomplish. Not only do you have the additional costs related to demolition, but there are extra costs to haul the torn-down building away.

You also may not be able to replace all components of an existing building in an affordable way. A remodeling of an existing building could be a cheaper method to use. It will also take less time to remodel the existing building since you wouldn’t have to deal with nearly as much debris to load up and haul away.

The Steps Involved in a Commercial Remodeling Project

Though a commercial remodeling project can cost less and take less time than a teardown and rebuilding project, there are still a number of steps involved. Knowing these steps and understanding the approximate timeline for each can ensure that your remodeling project meets the target you have in mind for the project to be completed.

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When discussing the initial plans with your commercial general contractor, be sure to cover the following topics, so there are no surprises when figuring out your exact time frame and being able to resume business as usual.

Planning and design | Pricing and bidding | Engineering and purchasing of materials | Structural repair and re-design | Rebuilding | Finish out process | Clean up and removal of debris

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Knowing these things ahead of time and making a plan to keep your remodeling project on track will ensure that things will be handled in a professional, predictable way. Contact a reputable commercial remodeling contractor in Shreveport to make it happen.

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